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About the Burning Transcendent Faith


The Burning Transcendent Faith  (BLF) is a non-denominational, not for profit religious and spiritual organization. The BLF, recognizing the importance of maintaining open hearts and minds, embraces any individual, no matter his or her spiritual background, who wishes to become a member of this family of faith. Since its founding, the Burning Transcendent Faith has been promoting spiritual growth and helping individuals to become leaders in their community.

The BTF has also become renowned for its role as a champion of religious freedom, social justice, and spiritual expression. While the Burning Transcendent Faith  has become a leader in these fields, it largely attributes that status to the commitment and competence of empowered individuals and ministers brought together in a world tent of togetherness.

The Burning Transcendent Faith is headquartered in Cedar Creek, Texas — from which it performs and records all ordinations and fights daily for the rights of its ministers and persecuted individuals everywhere.


Our Mission

The Burning Transcendent Faith was founded on the basic belief that we are all children of the same universe and, derived from that basic belief, has established 3 core tenets by which it expects its ministers to conduct themselves:

  • Do only that which is right.

  • Ensure that your actions to not promote one group of people being more important or more valuable than another or promote hate, violence, discrimination,

  • Every individual is free to practice their religion in the manner of their choosing, as mandated by the First Amendment, so long as that expression does not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others.

We have made it our mission to actualize these tenets in the world by empowering individuals and ministers, whether they come to us from a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Shinto, Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan, Wiccan, or Druid tradition, to speak their own truth to power. We work tirelessly to ensure and we seek to fulfill the spiritual needs of as many different groups as we can by offering plenty of information, a wide variety of services, and networking opportunities. The communication and fellowship of our scattered individuals and ministers, we believe, is just as valid a form of worship as the weekly services held in some of the world’s more segregated and elitist religious institutions.


Our History

This Burning Transcendent Faith Church founded by Jji is the largest of the Burning Transcendent Faith Churches. This Burning Transcendent Faith has proudly assumed the leadership mantle of the growing worldwide community that believe in the principles and beliefs brought together in one book for us by Jji. The BTF is quickly growing into an ethical and inspiring beacon of freedom and justice. We have been able (and continue) to mobilize our members of individuals and ministers to act as champions of society’s underdogs and oppressed as the legacy of Christ, King, Kennedy, and Gandhi taught. Unlike other international religious and spiritual institutions we will never ask our BTF ministers or congregants to bow before us or kiss our rings and we steadfastly reject the idea that a religious and spiritual institutions members should be made to obey the commands of any central leadership structure — we are all equal.

While proud of the work we’ve done and the victories we’ve won in areas like religious freedom and the legalization of same-sex marriage, we are far more excited by and interested in discussing our hopes for plans for the future.


Moving Forward

The Burning Transcendent Faith will continue to empower individuals and ministers every day. The BTF will also continue to fight for the rights of these individuals and ministers on a daily basis ensuring that all individuals have the freedom to take control of their own religious/spiritual life.

In addition to its continued provision of assistance to charitable organizations, the Burning Transcendent Faith will also continue to provide a voice to and fight for the rights of those whose freedoms are being violated around the world.

We will continue our mission to compile all spiritual and religious teachings and or practices throughout time into the one comprehensive spiritual and religious book Holy. We need your prayers. We know where we are going, and we hope you will join us because we could use your help! If there is anything you would like to see added to this website which will help you grow spiritually, please feel free to contact us.



What We Believe

The burning transcendent faith is a compiling of core beliefs from religious structures around the world, with an emphasis on the seven basic principles which are the fundamental building blocks and beliefs that everything else in Holy adheres to they were first put in place by Jji.  Holy Is are book of religious teachings and spiritual practices it is also available here on this website as a spiritual wiki.


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