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First there was energy. Then matter, space, explosions, implosions, particles, objects, combustion, and fusion. Out of the chaos came order. From that stars, planets, and galaxies were born for a time. Then death was born when the first stars consumed their first asteroids, and first planets, and the first suns went supernova and got sucked in by black holes, and galaxies as well, ripping apart matter and making heavier elements, simultaneously creating the soup and building blocks for the first rebirth, making way for new planets, new asteroids, new stars, and new galaxies. Bringing full-circle the creation of the circle of life, of birth, then death, making way for more evolution.

Then elements combined and became Life. Life was created, whether by divine intervention, or simply by evolution, and with the first single cell life Sentient Energy came into existence. Then life evolved. Cells divided, giving birth to more life, and more complex life. Then life took its first breath, and slowly evolved into extremely complex life. As higher levels of Sentient life evolved, constantly consuming energy, and in the process, using and transforming energy that was previously not Sentient Energy into Sentient Energy, as well as consuming and reusing Sentient Energy that was previously transformed into a simplier form of energy that vibrated at a lower frequency, transforming that energry into a higher level of Sentient Energy. When energy is consumed or used by life, transformed into Sentient Energy, energy bonds with the life force of the life it was once part the bond is not just with the life force but also with the other energy particles that were part of the living thing at the same time all the energy particles of a living thing in a given moment is permanently bonded with not only the other energy particles put everything that makes up that life including memories thoughts emotions and experiences previously and that life's existence to the moment in which the energy particle left the living thing.

 A single particle of energy can be a part of a living thing once and go out into the universe and never be a part of life again, or it can be a part of a life billions of times over infinitely. The interesting thing is is that each time a particle of energy is part of a life it creates more connections each time to all of those plants, insects, animals, and people, a connection between the current living thing and all of those past living things that it was once a part of. All that Sentient Energy and all of its billions of infant connections make up that thing everyone refers to as the global consciousness, that mankind seems to be somehow connecting and tapping into. It is proven scientific fact that if you put a group of people in the same area within a given amount of space, even if the other person is on the other side of the wall and you do not know they are there, their brains will communicate information, even if no words or visual information is present, proving that we all have the ability to connect to other living things psychically. Since all persons have the physical capability to meet connections with other living things, even if you have no physical contact or connection with them by sight or sound, then it’s not completely out of the round of a person’s capability to pick up on connections the energy particles within them have with living things that energy particle was once a part of, whether or not that living thing is still alive or not.

Sentient Energy, its affect on us and our effect on it- Because humans have the highest intellectual capabilities versus other forms of life that we know of, it creates an interesting cause-and-effect to Sentient Energy, because we have the ability to decide how we will or will not react or respond to our environment, situations, our feelings, or emotions, and because of this choice it creates Sentient Energy into positive and negative forms of Sentient Energy. If a person takes in negative energy and turns it into more negative energy, that energy goes into the world and has a ripple cause-and-effect to other life. That energy may become a part of in the future. That energy particle will now have a connection to a negative thing. However if you take a negative thing and turn that energy into positive energy, you make the world a little bit more harmonious and a little bit more of heaven on Earth. If you take positive energy and make it into more positive energy, it is an escalation of positive energy. The choice is yours in the world. Your reality is your choice. This is why when you look throughout time it seems like life and humanity is only reaching the maturity of a pubescent teenager, instead of a mature functioning adult. This cause and effect that humans have over Sentient Energy means humanity as a whole has the ability to help it mature, or to make it regress. Therefore it is the individual responsibility of every person to be mindful of their decisions, and the negative or positive energy they put into the world, because you are affecting all life, including humanity. Life now and life in the future because of this Sentient Energy is forgiving. If you do negative or mean, hateful, and violent things, then realize your mistake, and instead decide you’re going to do positive, kind, caring, loving things. You can, in part, reverse the damage you have done in your own life, as well is in the lives of others, and the damage your negative actions have done to the global consciousness of the Sentient Energy in the universe. However, you can never undo what has been done completely, so the responsibility is on each and every one of us to do good, and strive to do good the first time every time.

Sentient Energy the Cycle of Life, Birth to Death.

When life creates the next generation of life, some of that new life comes from existing life, and those first cells come with Sentient Energy, creating a bond from the previous generation to the next. The previous generation not only gives life to the next generation, but also Sentient Energy making the next generation of life Sentient life. As that life grows by consuming energy, regardless of form, that creates more cells within itself, and each cell holds energy increasing the total amount of Sentient energy that life can hold at any one given time. The larger the life form, the larger its life force. In the beginning of life we borrow our first energy from the previous generation. Throughout life we borrow energy from other sources, and when the time of death comes we must give back that energy to the universe to be reused in the great circle of life, because life and matter come and go, but energy always remains, simply changing form from one type to another. When a person, animal, or other life dies, its energy leaves at the rate in which each cell dies. That life has changed the universe by transforming energy to Sentient Energy, and that Sentient Energy Carries with it the bonds to the life force of the now deceased, and in this way life continues to live even after death. However, you as an entity no longer gets to be selfish, you are no longer a whole, complete intity. The likelihood of enough of your energy coalescing into one life form again after your death to an amount to equal reincarnation is not likely, but yet possible, but now your energy and your life force goes into the universe and becomes a part of the global consciousness and becomes part of other life, now and in the future, so be sure that your Sentient Energy is positive Sentient Energy, bonded to a life force that is good and kind and generous, that cares about humanity and life in general. The moment of death, when that time comes, the vast majority of the energy in your body will go into the things and living entities closest to you, and then eminating out from there. How long they will stay there before they move on is irrelevant, however what is relevant is that if you surround yourself with loved ones at the moment of death, when your energy leaves your body you can give a great gift to those you leave behind, because the energy leaving you, a higher percentage of it, will go into the people surrounding you at that very moment when death comes, giving them the ability to carry you with them. So in this sense you have not left them completely, but now they carry you on within them.


Sentient Energy Reincarnation In Its Most Common Form and Its Rare Form.

For the vast majority of living things there energy that is consumed by other living things and becomes part of that new living thing. In a way it is a form of reincarnation. It is part of you living over and over again in many forms. Then there is a rare form of reincarnation, when enough of the energy that was once a part if you coalesces in a single life form, that new life form has an overwhelming bond in connection to the previous life, to the degree that memories, thoughts, experiences, and information transcend space and time to the new life. This rare form of reincarnation, not completely limited a single living thing, can be the reincarnation of more than one living thing or person simultaneously, because the energy from the previous life just has to reach a critical mass, but that means there is enough energy space left in a single living thing to have enough of more than one previously living thing to be the simultaneous reincarnation of multiple previous lives. For most people, the best and most satisfying form of life after death will be the difference and impact they make to other people, and the world, and their impact to the global consciousness of Sentient Energy. When the world and when life is better simply because of what you did with your life, that is a life well lived, and if your life has not made the world a little bit better of a place by time you die, than all you did was consume resources, which makes that existence no better than a parasite.

Sentient Energy the Magnetic Effect.

Sentient Energy has a magnetic effect. This magnetic effect has a direct effect on humans as individuals, and as a whole. Positive or negative is attracted to the same type of  positive or negative, and to similar frequencies of vibration. This causes people to be attracted to other individuals with certain concentrations of the same type of energy at near or close to the same frequencies of vibration of the energy that is within them. The leader in a certain group or social setting will generally always be the one whose energy force vibrates at a highest frequency than those that are around them. Individuals with high vibrating frequency of positive or negative energy will attract other individuals with lower frequencies. If the person with a lower positive energy frequency is seeking acceptance and community for a higher level of understanding, they generally will seek out someone with a higher positive energy frequency to guide them to where they want to be, whether subconsciencly or consciencly. This is why when you look out amongst humanity you see that positive people are surrounded by positive people, and negative people are surrounded by the types of people and influences that closely resemble themselves. This magnetic effect is also why people are drawn to places with high energy fields and high vibration fields, like a temple or holy worships place, where thousands or millions of people have come before them and poured their energy into a place. Generally temples and places of worship are concentrated with positive energy because humans have a tendency to go to these types of places when seeking positive energy, and when seeking positive energy they vibrate positive energy. On the opposite side of the spectrum people tend to avoid places with concentrated negative energy if the primary energy within themselves is positive, however if the primary energy in oneself is negative they will be drawn to negative energy places and avoid places filled with positive energy. We humans create these places by concentrating our energy in a given place, so a place or land is holy or cursed because of the type of energy deposited there. Positive energy places are more likely to create more positive energy in those that visit those places, and negative energy places are more likely to cause and help create negative energy in and around those places. So a given type of energy helps create the catalysts to create more of the same types of energy, and frequency of energy. The more energy deposited in a given place, the higher the frequency. This is why humans have a tendency to be attracted to minerals, such as crystals, quartz, diamonds, rubies, and so on, that vibrate at a higher frequency than most other things. This is also why some religious practices include such minerals, and some holy places became holy places because they had a higher concentration of such high vibrating minerals, attracting large numbers of humans depositing large amounts of their energy, creating the escalation effect of holy places becoming more of a sacred spot. The more a person can surround themselves with high vibrating frequencies of energy, regardless of kind, the easier it is for that person to reach and obtain experiences of enlightenment.

Sentient Energy Direct Transfer from One Living Thing Directly into Another.

Every time you get close enough to another living thing you transfer energy from yourself to the other living thing, whether plant, animal, or person, and especially if there is physical contact between the two living things. When this happens it creates a connection between the two separate living things. This is the most common transference of energy between living things. However, there is a greater level of energy transfer which is focusly driven, where one person deliberately transfers large amounts of their energy into another person or living thing. Generally the people that have the ability to do large energy transfers in the days of old were considered to be healers, people that seem to just heal others naturally, whether physically or emotionally. Generally these types of people also have the ability to pull large amounts of energy out of other living things. This is a skill some people are born with, and others, through a lifetime of concentration, study, and meditation, are able to learn how to do. It is the people that have this ability naturally that have the capability of transforming the world more than most, because they can directly affect and guide regular energy, as well as Sentient Energy, and in doing so make the largest impact on humanity, the planet, and the global consciousness of Sentient Energy.


Sentient Energy and the Higher Power

Many good and well intentioned men and women have fought, many a generation made the world into a graveyard, over the higher power. No man, woman, or child today can say with absolute certainty if the higher power always existed or did it come into being? Was the universe and life created by it or not? However there is one indisputable fact that can be used to prove the existence of a higher power. Every group of people throughout known history, every tribe regardless of how isolated the tribe from other tribes, and other continents of people, all have believed in a higher power, some supreme being, at least one, if not more. This undisputed fact is enough evidence to state that a higher power does exist, because somehow, subconsciously, humans know that something higher exists. Scientifically if a higher power exists and is not bound by the same rules and guidelines as humans and other life, then that means that the only thing that higher power could be made of is pure energy, because all life that has some sort of flesh and tissue is bound by the same laws and rules, and if the higher power is not bound by them then the higher power must be pure energy, which would make good scientific reasoning because the only thing that exist always and forever is energy. It simply fluctuates from one state to another, but never ceases to exist. Some religions, especially the ancient religions, believe that the higher power of the ancestors are one and the same. If all life gives off Sentient Energy, then it is very well possible over billions of years of life and death, and the accumulation of all of their energy and life force, could in fact be the very higher power we connect with and pray to and instinctually know is there. If Sentient Energy is the collective life force, and experiences of all life that is come before, then it makes perfect sense that if I have a problem, I need help in a way that no one can physically help, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, to pray to the the higher power, even if the higher power is simply just the collective wisdom of all life that has come before, and tap into that wisdom to help guide ones own spiritual walk and growth. If Sentient Energy is the collective energy and life force and wisdom of all life that has come before, then isn't that in its very definition the definition of the higher power, or a God?  A life force that exist without body and without form, that is the collective wisdom for humanity, and is made up of pure energy, the one thing that never ceases to exist.

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