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The Gospel of The Wisdom of Jji
On Laws & Government

On Crime & Punishment

On Laws & Government

To turn a blind eye or to not concern yourself with your society and your government and or the actions taken with in your society and or government is to assist and give aid to the work of evil. Jji (on laws & government/on evil)


No person shall be owned or considered to be another person’s property or the property of government. Jji (on freedom/on laws and government)


If government promotes or encourages hatred, violence and or discrimination into society or cause its people to be enslaved or to be diseased or to live in poverty, then that government shall not have the right to exist. Jji


We believe you should not support an unjust war.  You should not take up arms and fight simply for the politicians can gain power or riches and or to gain resources.  The only war that is justified is if someone attacks or invades your homeland or to stop genocide or ethnic cleansing. A single grain of rice can tip the scales towards justice.  If a single person chooses not to fight in a war that is unjust, they may be that grain of rice. Jji


There are those who cry for less corruption and then there are those that strive to be part of the corruption. Often times, those who fight against corruption ultimately aid and assist that corruption. It happened slowly, whether it is in action, interaction, direct action or failure to act. The way to fight corruption is to take action through nonviolence, non-participation in the corrupted or wrong behavior or action. The one exception to this rule is in voting.  If you have the privilege to vote in your society and choose to take the nonparticipation path, you make it far easier for corruption or wrong doing to happen. Jji


To have freedom is to have a chance to be better than those that came before you, but if you do not safeguard and protect your freedom there will be those that wish to take it from you in order to prevent freedom in order to empower themselves.  Imprisonment with the illusion of freedom is the most dangerous of all. This is accomplished through contradictions in law and government.  These contradictions in government are like a lion in a glass cage.  If he does not see the bars and he thinks he is free, and if for a moment he thinks that he is not, he has reassured his freedom still exists simply because he cannot see any bars to chew on to gain his freedom back. Jji


No war is without acts of evil.  No war is a just and holy war, but only wars against genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity should be fought.  It shall be your individual responsibility to rise up against wars for power, money and resources.  It is better to be imprisoned by your government than to fight in a war that simply hopes to gain power or money or resources.  These wars only bring pain, suffering, poverty and slavery to humanity. Jji


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the Laws of Nature and of Nature's Higher Power entitle each person to be treated with decent respect; that all persons are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to make choices for one's own life and body, based on one's own internal religious constitution of right; to protect one's own safety and to provide safeguards for their future security in order to protect one's own freedom; to refuse  to comply with laws that claim to be most wholesome and necessary for the public good, but which in fact violate our inalienable rights given to us by nature and nature's Higher Power. Jii


People who practice divide-and-conquer behavior in order to gain power, keep power and/or gain resources are committing one of the most ultimate acts of evil. To deceive someone or prey on their weakness or fears or religion to gain power over them is the behavior of a person who will say and do anything for their own best interests, with no care of whom they hurt or destroy in the process. Leaders of this nature are not truly leaders, they are just individuals who seek to bring chaos, pain and suffering to the world, while being their own mini-dictator over others. Those who practice this kind of behavior are also the kind of people who believe that they know what is best for others, and that other people should live their lives based on what the mini-dictator thinks is good for them, and what the mini-dictator believes is right and wrong. However, no person has the authority or the ability to truly know what is best for other people, especially those he or she has never met.


It is not the job of an elected or appointed official to be their own mini-dictator.  In fact, it's supposed to be the opposite: people in those positions are supposed to be serving the people, not ruling them like a mini-God or King. For your district or region to vote for individuals with those kinds of behavior patterns is to ensure that eventually society will be so divided that civil war is inevitable. Because when a society embraces divide-and-conquer tactics and is not wise enough to see beyond that, after many generations the divide will become so ingrained into the society that it will be irreversible without war. Think of this the next time you vote or choose whom you want to be a leader in your community.  It is better to have a leader who is kind and gentle than worry that that leader isn't tough enough to stand up against the wolves in the power structure of your government or society. It is better to have a kind and gentle person in power and let them do some good, then it is to allow the wolves to tear and shred a society apart simply for their own gain, pleasure and benefit. Jji

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