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The Gospel of The Wisdom of Jji
On Spiritual Holidays, Annual Celebrations & Spiritual or Religious Rituals

On Divine Practice

On Spiritual holidays, Annual Celebrations & Spiritual or Religious Rituals

Our community engages in rituals in which the community considers to be sacred most of these sacred rituals recognized by our community fit within these categories

honoring the deceased in any way shape or form in which seems appropriate to the individuals in morning.

The sacred practice of the lamplighter’s

the practice of being a temple or effigy guardian

the burning of the effigy specifically built to be burned

the burning of the wooden temple specifically built to be burned

the celebration of the birth

the celebration of a day in which is a sacred day of significance to one’s life or spirituality

the sacred practice of the temple guardians burning the things left behind by members of our community that represent what they are leaving behind and not taking with them throughout their life  at temples designed for worship and fellowship and not designed to be burned.

A practice that is spiritual in nature or brings spiritual fulfillment to an individual, as long as that practice does not cause or create harm to others

the sacred practice of mass gatherings for spiritual or moral purpose or objectives

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