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On Eating and Drinking

On Work

Only take from another what is earned or what is given. Jji (on giving/on work)


Do not fear accomplishing dreams that put you one step further than any mortal had ever step before. Humanity is where it is because someone great took us one step further, but there are still millions of steps to go to bring humanity to where it ought to be. Jji

If you seek something great that is worth having you must be prepared to lose everything else you have. It may not cost you everything, in which case you are fortunate. Jji

On Joy & Passion

On Sorrow

On Houses

On Clothes

On Buying & Selling

On Crime & Punishment

On Laws & Government

On Freedom

On Reason

On Pain & Suffering

On Self-Knowledge

On Teaching

On following

On Friendship

On Forgiveness

On Talking

On Time

On Good

On Evil

On Prayer

On Pleasure

On Beauty

On Religion

On Enlightenment

On Life

On Death

On Sentient Energy

On Spiritual holidays & Other Annual Celebrations

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