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On Prayer

to pray is to seek answers if you seek tough and difficult answers regardless of their reason or rationale or purpose often times you must leave what is comfortable what is familiar of your day-to-day life to seek answers on a pilgrimage. If you seek to connect life and birth or rebirth and connectedness to the universe and your place in it. Might I suggest to start with touching the waters where the journey to enlightenment began for me at the river that flows between Bangor and Brewer where the Kenduskeg Stream becomes one with the river then journey into the mountains to chimney mountain clime to and through the chimney and let the earth give birth to you once more and come out on top and gaze over the world as far as the eye can see. If you seek letting go or connectedness to mother earth or to nature start at the place at the playa where the temple stands only once and then burned on the Sunday before the first Monday of September then journey west to the albino tree in the red forest would to connect with nature and the earth by visiting the one thing that is alive that should not technically exist. Careful not to damage or hurt it for there are not very many of them on our entire planet. often to find the answers to what lies within you it means you have to put yourself out there in the world to find them. I have made both of these pilgrimage journeys and each time I have made them I have always felt a deep spiritual experience a experiences you cannot find in a traditionally structured Orthodox religion Jji

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