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If a friend trespasses against you it is harder to forgive that person then it is to forgive someone you consider to be an enemy.  The reason this is true is because you have built an emotional bond with them.  A friend is generally someone you trust, and now that trust has been broken. With an enemy  there was never trust to be broken.  There was never an emotional bond to be broken.  Therefore, you can easily see that it’s far easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend, but often times we forgive friends and family many, many times and tell ourselves that we cannot forgive our enemies.  So I ask you, why will you not forgive the ones in which it is easiest to forgive? Jji


Whenever you have done something wrong against a person or said something wrong against a person, you shall write letters of forgiveness, formally asking for the forgiveness of the one or ones that you have wronged.  if you feel person-to-person communication can result in anger, hostility or interruptions that can prevent you from thoroughly being heard and understood you should state your feelings and emotions and thoughts on the matter.  You should acknowledge your perceived thoughts on their possible thoughts, feelings or opinions on the matter.  Letters accomplish far more than asking in person.  It allows for each party to ask for forgiveness in a peaceful and non-conflicting environment which can pave the way to understanding and person-to-person communication on the matter later. Forgiveness is about understanding each parties point, feelings and emotions.  Granting that forgiveness requires a level of humanity, the person being asked to forgive should also make equal effort to try to understand the other person’s point. This will pave the way for peace and harmony.  Remember you and your enemy do have more in common than what you do not. To not ask forgiveness can the pave the way for hatred and for that person to consider you as an enemy later on in life. Forgiveness now is better than no forgiveness at all.  But remember, just because you asked for forgiveness doesn’t mean that they have to forgive. Sometimes it takes a long time, or even a lifetime to reach the point in which you can forgive the other person of their trespasses against you. Jji

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