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On Good

On Evil

If evil is done in the name of a religion, or something that claims to protect or save the soul, it in itself is evil and it should be avoided. Jji (on evil/on religion)


Hatred will cause the mind to become evil and you should avoid hatred and instead you should embrace love in order to prevent needless suffering. Jji (on love / on evil / on pain and suffering)


You should not sell or give to another things that promote hate, violence or discrimination. The most evil of all these things are things that claim or appear to be religious in nature but also promote hatred, violence and or discrimination. Jji  (on giving/on buying and selling/on evil/on religion)


To turn a blind eye or to not concern yourself with your society and your government and or the actions taken with in your society and or government is to assist and give aid to the work of evil. Jji (on laws & government/on evil)


To directly or indirectly assist and give aid to the work of evil, through direct action or failure to act, is the same as committing the evil act your self. Jji


To not act against that which is bad and/or evil will cause suffering of the soul, but if the action against what is bad and/or evil promotes hatred, violence and or discrimination that act shall be an act of evil. Jji (on pain and suffering/on evil)


If something contradicts itself it is not holy and you should be weary of the evil intentions that may lie beneath the surface. Jji


To force your beliefs or religion on another person is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion)


To kill in the name of yours or another person’s religion or beliefs is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion/on death)


An intentional action that causes another person to be stricken with poverty or disease is a selfish and evil act. Jji


If a person commits an act of evil or an act of wrongdoing and a person or persons bestows the same or similar act upon that person as a form of punishment, they are committing an act of evil. Jji (on crime and punishment/on evil)


To take the life of something living simply for the sake of taking life is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on death


You should strive to live without committing acts of selfishness that causes another person harm or misery.  To commit an act of selfishness that causes another person harm or misery is an act of evil. Jji


To use religion to gain or have power over other people is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion)


Spiritual teachers should keep their students accountable for their actions and decisions in their spiritual path and journey. The student must keep their spiritual teacher accountable for their actions and their decision they spiritual teacher cannot teach something but yet not inhere to the same practice they teach. Any spiritual teacher that refuses to allow themselves to be held accountable by their students is a spiritual teacher with evil intentions. Jji (on evil/on religion)


If a spiritual teacher claims to be the higher power or some form of higher power you should not follow such a person because they will not lead you to a holy place instead they will lead you to a evil place. Jji (on evil/on religion)


The light and the darkness exist in each and every one of us it is the one that you focus on that will consume you and define you. Jji (on good/on evil)

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