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On Life

On Death

To kill in the name of yours or another person’s religion or beliefs is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion/on death)


To take the life of something living simply for the sake of taking life is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on death


If a person attempts to kill simply for the sake of killing or to gain power or riches and is killed instead, you should not avenge the death. For that person had brought it upon them self and to do so shall make you just as guilty. Jji


People who dream to change the world while simultaneously furthering humanity are generally hunted down and killed by those who are stuck in the past. However know this.  History teaches us that it is the great leaders that further humanity. Their dream and vision for the world generally only comes to pass in its full glory because someone is willing to die for what they believe in, in order to help humanity, and often times you must die for it in order to motivate the people of the world to bring your dream to full reality for you. Jji


It is not a sin to protect your own life and the lives of your family and friends.  If someone seeks to take that life and is hurt or killed in your actions to protect yourself, your family and friends, that person has taken his own life. As for the one doing the protecting, that person need only to ask forgiveness from themselves, as well as the loved ones of the now deceased.  I know it is the common human response to think that they do not need to ask forgiveness from the family of the one who did the attacking, but remember that enemies and wars are started over such thing.  So even though the fault may not be yours, simply because you are protecting yourself, your family and loved ones in your mind, in their mind the fault is yours. Do all that you can to offer insight on what happen and ask forgiveness simultaneously. In this way you will also protect your family and loved ones, because war is less likely to be the outcome of your actions if some level of understanding is offered. If there is no understanding and forgiveness offered, anger and hate grows from this. “A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.” Jji


The deceased whether pat or person the ashes that remain are placed in a wooden pyramid box taking to the playa to the Temple that only stands once for a few days before being burned on the Sunday before the first Monday of September the pyramid box is place in and around the Temple along with all the other thing’s left to symbolize the letting go and leaving behind Jji

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