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On Marriage

On Children

If a parent chooses to not love and care for their child then that child shall have no obligation to the parent, but the parent shall have an obligation to the child no matter what. To deny your child is to deny yourself. Jji


Mother and Father is the name of the higher power on the lips and hearts of all children, so watch over them as the Higher Power watches over you. Jji


As a person begins to become an adult they must choose their own path, and the adult figures in their life must let them. In choosing their own path they will disappoint others, but this is their right. Jji


Children are not the property of their parents or legal guardians therefore they should not be treated as property. Jji


The mental person and thoughts as well the emotions of a child from birth are the same and even equaled to that of an adult regardless of age; so to believe or live as if the thoughts and opinions or emotions of any adult or more important than those of a child is to live a life of ignorance. The only difference between a child and an adult is the wisdom of age. Jji


You cannot have creativity without your inner child.  Be careful not to grow up too much. Jji


Do not do precisely as your parents do. Do not do precisely what the ancestors did. Instead seek your own path, while seeking what your parents and ancestors sought after, because it is the job of each generation to move humanity one step further. Jji


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