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On Pain & Suffering

On Self-Knowledge

Strive to understand what affects what. Jji

Even the greatest of persons is not without their shortcomings. They are still human, not gods. Jji


I am all that I am and all that I choose to be in this moment, and the same is also true of you. Jji (on self-knowledge/on teaching)


You should have control of your behavior and your own anger or rage. Jji


Open one eye to see and know wisdom. Open the other eye to see and know yourself. Jji


Be truthful to your body, your soul, and your mind in order to know yourself. Jji


True knowledge is to know that you do not know everything, and could not even know everything if you tried. In knowing this, that makes you one of the smartest of all. Jji


Humans tend to hate or dislike someone else because they see in the other person something in themselves that they hate or dislike.  Therefore spend time resolving and dealing with your internal enemies and as a result, you’ll have less enemies in this life. Jji


The past is what it is. No person, not even the Higher Power, has the ability to change the past, but if you do not learn from the past you are doomed to repeat the same patterns, until which time you can learn from what you wish to change. Jji


A wise person learns from everyone he observes or communicates with. But those with whom you have little in common, or whom you consider your enemy, are the people from whom you will learn the most about yourself.  Jji


In every choice you make, you either react or you act with purpose.  Most people will make every decision in reaction to their environment or situation. If you choose to be a reacting person, every decision you think you’re making is actually being made by someone else – whether they are Mother Nature, your boss, or your family and friends. In this situation they are making all your choices, knowing that you will simply just react. Because of this, you will be the perpetual victim and wonder why life did not go your way, why you never got financially independent and are always struggling.

Such is the life of the reacting person.  However, the person who acts with purpose always looks carefully at every situation and every option, and acts to steer the outcome toward what he or she desires.  These are the people whom the vast majority wish to be like.  However, to act with purpose takes a lot of work, and most humans are unwilling to act with purpose in every single little decision.  For example, a child dreams of being a great hero; what that hero looks like or represents is irrelevant. But to achieve greatness in life requires you to work far harder than the vast majority, because in order to be considered great you must do far more than what everyone else will do. Jji


Wisdom shall be yours if you fill yourself with it. Jji

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