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Your faith and beliefs should be within your heart and not in blind worship. Jji

A religious practice shall be any practice that is spiritual or religious in nature or brings spiritual or religious fulfillment to an individual determined by the individual. Rituals traditionally have been use to force people into compliance with social structures set by people that seek to create and us and them society and mentality caution I give to you in adopting any ritual make sure that your rituals do not put you or another person in a position of being more or less important than another. Also do not create an environment in which your rituals force people to comply with a social structure that promotes hate violence or discrimination or allows certain people to have power over other people. Jji


You should not sell or give to another things that promote hate, violence or discrimination. The most evil of all these things are things that claim or appear to be religious in nature but also promote hatred, violence and or discrimination. Jji  (on giving/on buying and selling/on evil/on religion)


If evil is done in the name of a religion, or something that claims to protect or save the soul, it in itself is evil and it should be avoided. Jji (on evil/on religion)


To force your beliefs or religion on another person is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion)


To kill in the name of yours or another person’s religion or beliefs is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion/on death)


To claim that ones religion or beliefs is the only true and correct religion or way of believing is an act of ignorance and selfishness. Jji


To use religion to gain or have power over other people is an act of evil. Jji (on evil/on religion)


No person shall force their interpretations of what these principles mean on another person within this holy book. Each person shall interpret the meaning of these principles for themselves and apply that to their lives in whatever way they see fit. Jji (on freedom/on following/on religion)


The higher power does exist! What happens is people do not seek out the higher power.  Most people that do look for the higher power get lost along the way by putting too much emphasis on precise words spoken a long time ago. It is not the precise words that matter. It is the ideas and concepts portrayed in those words that matter most. Need I remind you that all religious texts were written by people and are only as good as people were good at that time, and as infallible as people were infallible.  At that time, a time when religion gave birth to the idea of morals, and morals gave birth to the idea of humanity, and all three have been considered to be separate things. But there in lies the flawed thinking of the religions of humanity. The moral fiber of the people, the humanity of a people in fact should be one thing. Buda, Jesus and many other great thinkers furthered humanity on the idea that these three things should be one. For example, Buda said that suffering is an eightfold path. To end suffering is to be humane and so the idea of humanity was born. Jesus furthered this by saying love thy neighbor and love thy enemy, furthering the idea that religion, morals, and humanity should be one and the same. Gandhi said to practice nonviolence, nonparticipation, in order to change the world, bringing even closer the idea that religion, morals, and humanity should be one and the same thing. We should strive to continuously make these three things one and the same. There is so much pain and suffering in the world because after thousands of years mankind has failed to see the underlying common thread between the great teachers that have moved society and humans from being close to mere animals to being rational, caring, compassionate creatures. The very humanitarian effort that we are beginning see today slowly coming into societies around the world is because people are finally putting the idea of being humane, and caring about humanity, as being equal and the same as their very moral convictions. Jji


If a spiritual teaching uses brainwashing techniques or threat of loss or harm is methods in order to advance its teachings, policies or procedures with the goal of keeping their followers in line you should be weary of the evil intentions that may lie within this spiritual teaching. Nothing truly holy and divine in nature should have to resort to brainwashing or threat of loss or harm in order to accomplish its goals or objectives. Jji


Spiritual teachers should keep their students accountable for their actions and decisions in their spiritual path and journey. The student must keep their spiritual teacher accountable for their actions and their decision they spiritual teacher cannot teach something but yet not inhere to the same practice they teach. Any spiritual teacher that refuses to allow themselves to be held accountable by their students is a spiritual teacher with evil intentions. Jji (on evil/on religion)


If a spiritual teacher claims to be the higher power or some form of higher power you should not follow such a person because they will not lead you to a holy place instead they will lead you to a evil place. Jji (on evil/on religion)

I am the son of a very devoted religious man.  I was fed religion for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout my entire raising from child to adulthood.  I wish I could say that I do not believe in a higher power or dark beings or light beings.  It would make life so much easier, but I cannot say that these things do not exist, for even myself and my own experiences will not allow for this. When I was born I was given medication and had a severe allergic reaction. It caused cardiac arrest. I died and was brought back, so for me, a doorway, a path, a connection, whatever you want to call it, was opened. Even in my own humble existence. I have brushed up against this other realm of existence, many times. For most people, when they do get a glimpse the existence of one of these supernatural beings their mind goes to work to pull information.  Anything related to the phenomenon they are seeing in their subconscious, unconscious mind to make sense of what they are seeing based on this data.  So for example, a Buddhist may see Buda, a Christian may see an Angel, even though it is the same being they are seeing, but for me, I began seeing these beings before there was any data, any lessons about religion, spirituality, and because of that it is but a struggle because I see them in a more pure form of what they have always been, and it doesn’t quite line up with any known religion and its teachings. Beings of light are not made of any matter like humans or animals are in the times that I’ve seen them.  They only can be seen because their surface refracts the light like a crystal separates the light beams, or like any person that stared at a soap bubble, how the surface of the bubble refracts the light, therefore allowing you to see the outer shape of the beings of light. The beings of darkness are like a shadow. They are like a black hole.  All light is sucked in and all that is to be seen as darkness.  With these beings you cannot make out any features like the light beings show features.  Instead, it is just darkness, just an outline.  I do not know if there is a hierarchy in the dark beings, but I do know that there is a hierarchy in light beings from my own experience. Many years ago I was standing outside on the sidewalk and there was a young man named Bobby, or at least that’s what we called him.  I touched him on the shoulder and when I did I had a vision of the dark beings within him.  It’s like I saw deep within his soul and the next moment I saw deep within myself another vision of the light being later that day.  It was like he was possessed by the dark being.  He began consulting and talking in a language unknown to man. Over the years I have studied many languages trying to find it, it does not exist within our human record. In the end, the dark being left him and another being came and spoke through him, this time in a language we could understand. It said “I am the supreme being. The beings of light follow me. You have been good to stay and save the soul of another like you.” Then, that being also left. So in my simple existence of life, I have brushed up against both sides of this supernatural realm with experiences I cannot ignore and I cannot easily dismiss. That day we prayed for Bobby instinctually.  We just knew what to do.  It wasn’t like the movies, or even like religions teach about demon possession, but instead it was still a really strong, life changing experience, one leaving me knowing that prayer does work and helps and whatever the supreme being is, or the higher power is, it hears us. Whatever the beings of light are they too hear us, and the beings of darkness they also hear us and they all see us, but not all of us see them, and those that do generally only see what their conscious and subconscious mind tells them they are seeing.  They appear to each person in a way that person can understand.  But for me, I believe it’s a purer form of understanding, because like I said earlier, I died and came back shortly after birth. There was no data, no learned lessons.  No input to associate to these experiences. When I see a light being something wonderful is going to happen.  I’ve learned this from my own experiences. Even when I see the dark being, I know to proceed with extreme caution. As a person that believes in science and things scientifically I fully understand how from a scientific point of view this whole thing sounds like craziness. But if it wasn’t for these experiences I would be a firm atheist. But these experiences can’t be crazy after all millions of people around the world believe in some form of higher power or spiritual beings so either we all are collectively insane or there is some legitimacy in these experiences. Jji

Why a religion? Humans have a tendency to call every collection of religious or spiritual teachings or spiritual practices a religion. And on its most basic form I do not have a problem with tha there is a fundamental problem with religions when money is involved. The problem comes when the spiritual teacher or teacher of a given religion is profiting directly from the people that believe in those practices or that religion. that is the moment in which corruption sneaks in and spirituality is no longer about just being a better person or growing spiritually now it’s about somebody making money. So why create the Burning Transcendent Faith Church? To prevent holy from becoming another one of those spiritual books in which people use it for financial gain or political power. By giving holy to a church recognized by the government it ensures no one will ever profit from it which also includes publishing companies who are equally guilty of turning religion into a cash cow. Jji

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