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On Reason

On Pain & Suffering

You should not participate in an act and or actions that causes physical or emotional harm and/or suffering to another, unless not doing so causes physical or emotional harm and/or suffering to yourself. Jji 


Dishonesty will cause suffering to yourself and others. Jji


It is the expectations of the Higher Power that we are good and surround ourselves with good to avoid suffering. Jji (on good/on pain and suffering)


Hatred will cause the mind to become evil and you should avoid hatred and instead you should embrace love in order to prevent needless suffering. Jji (on love / on evil / on pain and suffering)


To not act against that which is bad and/or evil will cause suffering of the soul, but if the action against what is bad and/or evil promotes hatred, violence and or discrimination that act shall be an act of evil. Jji (on pain and suffering/on evil)


You shall protect your family from harm. Jji


In war there is no victory, no winners and losers.  There’s only degrees suffering, pain and loss. Jji


So it is that humankind turns to give thanks to the higher power when all is well and all is good But when all is not good and all is not well humankind curse and clash their teeth and hiss at the higher power for not constantly reshaping the world and all that is in it for their selfish happiness In this way humans almost never cease acting like a child because the enlightened mature response is to appreciate when things go wrong One would not know what happiness is unless they have known sadness and misery.  One cannot know what sadness and misery are, unless that one also experiences happiness. One could not appreciate Love if you did not experience the lack of it These emotions and feelings are what helps make us alive. Without them we would be nothing more than simple machines. but even the enlightened ones are subject to the natural human reaction when things are not well and good however the enlightened one spend less time Suffering over it but instead they refocus redirect their attention and move on some individual's get so could at this practice that to others it seems they never suffer at all and nothing really fazes them a persons reality is what they choose to focus on if you focus on suffering on the bad and the negative and in that moment your life is bad or negative or suffering but if you choose to let these things roll off of you as quickly as you can regroup your emotions and thoughts then you spend far less time in this life suffering needlessly life is short enough already you should not allow your self ego to compound and add to the suffering that is a necessary human experience Jji

The road to suffering is built with good intentions. Do not act on good intentions alone. Jji

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