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The enlightenment view of mankind is to bring us to a point that will lead us to be sane and rational creatures, instead of being mad animals that kill each other for pride, riches in glory, and power. Jji


When you make yourself like child and adult both into one, and when you make the inner you like the outer you and the outer like the inner, and when the heavens are like the earth and the earth like the heavens, and when you make yourself think like male and female, like a single one so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, when love fully replaces hate and anger, when you replace your them and us mentality to just us for the entire human race, when all life is equal as well as equally important from the smallest simplest life to the most complex life in your heart and mind, when your consumption of resources, food, or otherwise is within reason and not like a plague or parasite on resources available to you, then you will enter true enlightenment. Jji

Most people feel like that moment of enlightenment is too hard to hold onto.  They want to have it every moment of every day.  But yet it just seems to slip away and you find yourself seeking it again and again.  The reason for this is because life is experienced physically. You are constantly experiencing new things in the external world, and enlightenment is an internal experience.  You must work to align yourself so that the inner you and the inner emotions and feelings and sense of self is aligned with your every day physical life of what happens outside of your inner self. Your inner self and your external life must be aligned in such a way that you can experience it on a daily basis.  This is another reason why it is important to not have contradictory beliefs in your personal belief structure.  As you walk through your day-to-day life, you should not suppress feelings and emotions, or your spiritual self. While you walk through life in your occupation or in terms of play or interaction with other people, be in the moment.  Mentally, spiritually, physically, you cannot feel enlightenment in moments in which you are trying to suppress yourself in either the mental self or spiritual self or physical self.  You must set yourself up to live in harmony and in these moments when you are truly present and being truly honest with all parts of yourself, internal or external enlightenment is possible. Peace, joy, happiness, and spiritual peace and harmony are all possible simultaneously.

Most people spend a lot of time in their effort in seeking spiritual enlightenment or transcendence, focusing on understanding their own mental personality and how it operates, or the mental personality of others, and how those people operate on their most basic of behaviors and operational patterns.  If you ask a person why they did what they did, they generally can give you an answer, but if you asked them what is the most basic fundamental personality traits and behavior patterns that lead them to make such decisions or reach such conclusions, they cannot tell you.  Most people will spend a lifetime of meditation and thought on the subject. They will get stuck here and be unable to continue their path for enlightenment due to the fact that they feel that they should understand one thing before moving on to the next. Due to this fact, I will include the following, even though at first glance it may not seem that it is relevant to the overall goal of the Burning Transcendent Faith.

I think I have found the only way to describe the personality of every single living person.  And that is each persons personality is like a giant hole, starting off really wide at the top and slowly getting smaller as you get to the bottom.  To get to the bottom of somebody else's personality you either have to, in a sense, just jump off the edge with great faith or take the narrow path along the walls of the hole.  The path starts off wide and slowly becomes more and more narrow and many people in this persons lifetime will start the trail but never finish.  There will be many, many obstacles, more for some people and less for others.  But keep in mind, you will only get as far as the other person will let you.  So if the person in question does not want you to take the path or jump off the edge you will never get the chance.  In a persons lifetime they will only find one or two people whose personality is fitting in a way that they can just jump off the edge and land on the bottom to know that person truly.  And about two or three peoples personalities could be fitting in such a way that they could make it to the bottom of the hole of each persons personality.  But in saying  all of this, I must say that even if a person is to reach the inner depths of another persons personality, the bottom of the hole, they still do not know them 100%, because to know a person 100% is not only knowing how they think, how they react to everything and knowing all of their past, but  requires more.  That more is to experience very similarly the most important and mostly the most psychologically damaging events, and the most life changing events in a persons life,  and to think in almost the exact same ways and react to things in almost the exact same way as the other person does. To reach this level of knowing a person, I see that as the cave at the bottom of the hole, and it takes a very rare, rare soul indeed to at least open the door, let alone walk in.  This level of knowing a persons inner personality is very dangerous and this is why people put up walls and have obstacles on the path of getting to know someone, to prevent somebody with evil intentions from reaching the inner depths of the personality where a person is the most vulnerable, and if in the event that one person shall make the journey and manage to enter the cave at the bottom of the hole, and then that person who entered the cave was to decide to hurt you, it would be almost just like death itself.  The human personality can not take and handle this kind of death and would most likely either go insane or kill themselves.  If the person who entered the cave of another persons personality should decide to leave and no longer be that persons friend, it would be so emotionally damaging that the person would put up so many more barriers and hurdles to get over that no living soul would ever reach the depths of that persons personality again.  In saying all of this I must add here, as people get emotionally hurt throughout their life, with each emotionally damaging event, they will put up another hurdle on the path of the hole to prevent themselves from being hurt again.  After all, we are creatures that are built to avoid pain and gain pleasure.  The only reason why we even let people try to reach our inner selves is because humans are social creatures and cannot survive without socializing with other humans. But simple socializing alone is not enough, not for any human. Every human feels they need to find someone that they can let reach their inner selves and in most cases, that person that at least reached the bottom of the hole will be the person they marry, and other rare times it will just be the friendship of a lifetime, something that can never be replaced. I think that only one person that you will meet in your whole life will be such a fitting soul to enter the cave at the depths of the hole of each persons personality.  Even if a person shall at least make it to the bottom of the hole or make it as far as in the cave at the bottom of this persons personality, that person must continue to strive to know the other person every single day.  This is because with each day of a persons life, that person slowly changes, because a persons personality is built up of experiences and thoughts of their lifetime and with each day every person has new experiences and thoughts.  And because of this it is possible for a person that has entered the cave or at the very least made it to the bottom of the hole of a persons inner personality to, in time, grow apart from the other person.  And it has been known to happen that occasionally someone will meet somebody else, either at a very emotional time in their life, or at a period of time that they are allowing their personality to open up, and that person that they meet within a matter of hours or days will get to know the other person so fast as if they just jumped off the edge of the hole of that persons personality and landed on the trail somewhere half way down.  And in the event that this happens, it is very likely that this person shall reach the bottom of the hole, but in the event that this shall happen for the person that feels like the other person really connected with them this person will either shut the other person out because it will scare them that the other person was able to enter into their personality so easily, or this person will allow the other person to continue the journey to the bottom, and it is my opinion that it will have to be this kind of person that will be the fitting rare soul to enter into the cave of another’s personality.  And it is also my opinion that you shall know that when you have met the person fitting enough to enter the cave and when a person finds themselves knowing again it will either scare them to the point of scaring the other person or shutting them out, or you will allow the person in question to continue the journey to get to know you and in the event that you shall allow that person to continue to get to know you, it will happen in one of these two ways.  Either you will just open yourself up immediately and just let the person reach the bottom very fast and even let them enter into the cave, the very inter being of your personality with no effort at all,  or the other way you will put up a few more hurdles and blocks for this person to overcome to slow them down, so they do not  enter the cave of your inner personality as fast, just because of the fact that you know they are capable of entering into that place.

But there is an even deeper place within the mind and the human personality than the cave, and this is the cave within the cave.  And no other person will ever reach inside of another persons inner cave, only the person in question can enter into their own inner cave. When a person enters into the inner cave their conscience mind is so far removed from physical reality than an outside person cannot bring them back to physical reality. This is most commonly observed with extremely autistic people.  It is possible for a person that is extremely close to the autistic or extremely disabled person to talk to them and talk them back to reality and this is done in two ways.  You talk to them as if you want them to come back from another place, or you talk to them in such a way of saying things like 'I'm here with you, everything’s going to be okay, you're fine' ect.  In most cases an outside person talking to them wont help bring them back to reality, but regardless, that person still hears you, even when they're in the inner cave, but just cant respond to you. Sometimes they can respond in such ways like gripping your hand or a half smile for a split second and other small little teensy things can be the responses you'll get even though their mind lies within the inner cave at the current time.  Most people can't enter into their own inner cave, the are just not capable, but it is my opinion that only autistic people, and other people so mentally retarded that they can’t even comprehend the outside world, are able to reach and go into the inner cave. This inner cave may seem very small from the outside but in fact it is bigger than the entire human consciousness. This is a place that imprisons the mind, but at the same time in this place within each human holds wisdom beyond lifetimes about human behavior and about the way the human mind works, but on the other hand this place still imprisons the mind, so the knowledge is of no good to that person until their mind is freed from this imprisonment.  In the rare event that an autistic person or extremely disabled person is freed from this imprisonment and so called becomes close to normal as such a person could get, in reality they have not become normal or learned to become normal, they have just managed to learn to mimic normal peoples behavior and speech, and their mind still works in a very different way and they are still capable of going back to the inner cave from time to time and in this persons lifetime they will make the journey back and forth hundreds of times and even millions of times. Sometimes for a second or two, other times for an hour or more and even sometimes days or weeks, they will return back to the inner cave before returning back to reality.  It is when they return back to the worlds view of reality, those are the moments and times when pieces of all that wisdom that lies within the inner cave can be brought back and spoken or recorded for other people. In most cases a single full thought on any of the wisdom that lies within requires many trips back into the inner cave to successfully bring that full thought back to reality. But most people like this are completely incapable of bringing back this knowledge at all.  In fact it is people like this that are just lucky to be able to find their way out, let along bring back knowledge with them, and usually it will be someone who has managed to find the path to normal reality from the inner cave, those will be the people that are able to reach into the mind of another similar to themselves to show that one how to take the path out of the inner cave each time they find themselves back in the inner cave. It is possible for a person to find the path on their own, it is just more difficult.  Any parent of an autistic child will tell you that there are times that their child goes so far within the human mind and personality that no one can reach them. I am able to tell you this because I am one of those such people and for me it has taken a lifetime of trips back and forth to the inner cave to be able to hold onto knowledge obtained in the inner cave while in reality.  Over the years I have gotten better at holding on to more amounts with each trip and over the years I have become fortunate that it has become easier for me to find the path out faster for the inner cave is a world bigger than the outside world.  The only way I can give you a mental picture is to say to try to find a specific tiny narrow pathway, but you have to search the world to find it, with no map and no instructions of where it’s at.  That is the only way to describe finding the trail and taking the trip out of the inner cave. 

It is also my opinion that the masses search for transcendence or spiritual uplifting.  This internal hunger and need of the human personality to be at one with the human soul creates a conflict, because the human personality exists in the cave at the bottom of the hole, but the soul resides in the inner cave, so most will seek transcendence to the place of great wisdom they feel instinctively exists within them, but most do not know how to even open the door, let alone walk in to the inner cave. It takes people like Buddha and Jesus who have slowly shown the way. It is also my opinion that it is not just the autistic person that can enter into the inner cave.  One can find the door and open it and walk into the inner cave slowly, but it takes tremendous effort, physically, mentally and emotionally in order to achieve the continuing pursuit of enlightenment or transcendence for the average person.  These people can also bring back knowledge from the inner cave. In the rare case of demon possession the demon or demons reside in the inner cave of the human mental existence.  This is why in the rare case of demon possession, the demons never present themselves at the same time that the person being possessed is mentally present in reality, because the person in question has to enter into the inner cave, and it is at that moment that the demons within can leave the inner cave and enter into the reality consciousness of the human mind. The reason why demons reside within the inner cave of the mental human existence is because the human soul resides in the inner cave as well. The inner cave is also the place that the human mental existence and sold taps into all sentient energy. Energy that was once part of something alive that exist now and throughout history. Jji

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