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On Time

On Good

It is the expectations of the Higher Power that we are good and surround ourselves with good to avoid suffering. Jji (on good/on pain and suffering)


Anything that happens to you can either make you stronger, or make you weaker. If stronger is what you seek, then you must give the thing that happened to you meaning and purpose for good, and act on that purpose for good. This will ensure that it makes you stronger, instead of making you the perpetual victim. Jji


Take only what you need in order to remain humble. Give back to the world any excess where there is need in order to receive joy of giving. Greed brings poverty, heartache and suffering to the world.  Waste not what you have. What you have that you do not want, give to another if it is still usable and be blessed for your good deeds to humanity. Jji


The light and the darkness exist in each and every one of us it is the one that you focus on that will consume you and define you. Jji (on good/on evil)

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