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On Joy & Passion

All people have poetry and music in their heart, but more often than not singers are frustrated poets and poets are frustrated singers. Jji


Nature and wisdom belong to the hearts and souls that are moved by them. Jji


If a person strives to accomplish what seems to be impossible or way too much in life in your opinion, that does not necessarily mean that it is too much. Each person has different strengths and weaknesses.  Some are capable of taking on the world, and some are not. Do not discourage the ones that take on more than you could. Instead stand behind them, support them, even help them if you can. Believe in what they’re doing because it may be just the destiny of the one you think is doing too much to change the world or even save millions of lives.  If you discourage them, and they do not accomplish that destiny, the fault is on you for steering them off that path simply because you do not have the strength within you to accomplish the same thing. Jji


A person can only be great when he or she is acting out of passion for what they’re doing, because without passion it is difficult to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve greatness. Jji

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