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Submitting Edits for Holy The Spiritual Wiki

Anyone can contact us to submit edits to Holy. If you notice any grammar errors, spelling errors or contradictions, or you feel that something has been put in the wrong area or belongs in more than one subchapter of a given gospel, then please feel free to let us know. We depend on the community to make Holy as accessible and accurate as possible.

When you contact us about edits for Holy, please do so on our contact page. Please include the gospel and subchapter where edits need to be made, and please include the precise text in its current form along with what you believe the correction should be.

If you are submitting additions to Holy, please state if it is your original work that you are contributing, or if you are quoting somebody else. All additions to holy have to meet certain criteria in order to be accepted; it is a lengthy process that is also a democratic process.


All additions to Holy are first put before a panel to determine whether the new language is compatible with the four primary principles. If it is determined that the proposed addition to Holy does not violate any of the four primary principles, then it will be submitted to all members of the Burning Transcendent Faith worldwide. All members will have a chance to weigh in if they feel that the proposed addition contradicts anything else currently existing and in Holy ,or if they feel it violates one of the four primary principles. All members who feel that they have an objection to the proposed addition must state precisely what their objection is and why. After a given amount of time has passed, the board will take up the matter again to determine if the proposed addition still does not present any contradictions. If a proposed addition to Holy makes it through the process of reevaluation, the panel will then put it up to a vote of all members of the Burning Transcendent Faith worldwide to determine if it should be added. Any addition that receives a three-fourths vote in favor will then be adopted and added to Holy, the spiritual wiki.

Also, any person can propose text revisions to any part of Holy. Proposed revisions will be subject to the  same review process described above. If approved, the proposed revised text will be adopted and the material it replaces will be formally removed from Holy.

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