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The gospel of the wisdom of new is for all those that come after me, that believe in this work.  Each person has the ability to reach a higher level of transcendence than those around them, and rarely even the ability to reach a level of transcendence beyond everyone that has come before.  For those people that feel they have something to offer, what you contribute goes here.  Mankind has not finished its journey.  Then someone may see further than all those that came before.  By studying all those that came before, this section is for you, but caution I give to you.  If you submit principles or lessons to be given out to the people, it will be met with harsh considerations before being accepted by the Burning Transcendent Faith. What you contribute must be in the general good of all humankind, must not promote one person or groups of people above another, must not contradict any previous existing policies, principles, or statements set forth by the this Burning Transcendent Faith.  It also cannot promote hate, violence, or discrimination. It cannot promote one person’s God or gods over another. The Burning Transcendent Faith does not believe that wisdom and knowledge only comes from those that are deemed wholly religious figures.  If accepted, your contribution to humanity will not bear your name. It will only be stated and be dated in order to leave the focus on the principle or lesson to be learned. Jji

On Love

On Marriage

On Children

On Giving

On Eating and Drinking

Be mindful of what you put into your body. Consume only what is healthy and nutritious. 5/1/2016


Genetically modified things marketed as food are not food and are an abomination against nature and all that is wholesome and right. If eaten will only lead to suffering. 5/1/2016

On Work

On Joy & Passion

On Sorrow

On Houses

On Clothes

On Buying & Selling

On Crime & Punishment

On Laws & Government

On Freedom

On Reason

On Pain & Suffering

If you believe an action or practice is harmless but the action or practice brings harm or emotional suffering to someone, you should refrain from doing such things in such circumstances that will allow for harm or emotional suffering to be done.  8/12/2015

On Self-Knowledge

On Teaching

If you want the world to change, be the change you seek. 09/25/2015

On following

On Friendship

On Forgiveness

On Talking

On Time

On Good

On Evil

On Prayer

On Pleasure

On Beauty

On Religion

On Enlightenment

On Life

On Death

On Sentient Energy

On Spiritual holidays & Other Annual Celebrations

Last Sunday in August: the Day of The Spiritual Gathering of The Community on the playa. 8/12/2015


First Saturday of September: the Wooden Man burns, marking the end of the spiritual year. 8/12/2015


First Sunday in September: the Holy Day of New Beginnings -  the day for release of spiritual burdens, ending with the annual spiritual effigy burn, traditionally after sundown. In the spiritual effigy burn, traditionally people place objects that represent what that person is leaving behind in their spiritual journey and in life, as well as the ashes of loved ones who have died since the last spiritual effigy burn. 8/12/2015


The second Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each month are the Holy Days of Spiritual Reflection  and Community Growth. These are the days that are set aside for focusing internally to reflect on your own spiritual journey, and to determine what the principles in Holy mean to you. It’s a time to reflect on  how you apply them to your life, to reflect on where you in life and in your spiritual journey. Also, you are encouraged to go out into your community and teach those who do not know about our spiritual faith and holy scriptures. These are the days in which you are charged to do at least one thing each day to reach others in order to grow our spiritual family and help others live a better spiritual and physical life. By teaching others to achieve spiritual growth you yourself shall achieve spiritual growth. Friday brings the gathering of members of our spiritual family to share in each other’s company over an evening feast and to introduce new members of our spiritual family to their new spiritual community. 09/25/2015


Birthday:  the day new life comes into the world as its own separate life. 9/3/2016


Anniversary: the day of the commitment between two people and the spiritual bond between them. 9/3/2016


Adoption Day: celebrated for each member on the day they joined our community. 9/3/2016

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