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All humans have a burning desire for transcendence. For some people, the level of transcendence that they hope to achieve is satisfied rather easily within the religion into which they are born.  For others, that level of transcendence is not quite enough, so they go on to study theology, primarily focusing on the theology of the religion they are born into. For some, this level of transcendence is enough to calm their burning desire for transcendence.  Most people when they reach this level of transcendence either give up on fulfilling that need that burns within them, or they do not dare search beyond the religion they were born into. 


However, for some, the desire that burns within them to reach a higher level of transcendence is too strong, so they seek further to study all of the religions within their region as well as what they become aware of in search for this higher level of transcendence, in which case they begin looking at all facets of human life, human existence.  And any accumulated knowledge of the people to satisfy their need for a higher level of transcendence in this day and age, that amount of accumulated knowledge and human behavior of the planet, the cosmos, and religion and faith, is overwhelming for most to digest and mentally comprehend.


But even after all of this, for a few of us, we are left feeling that an even higher level of transcendence is possible.  Somehow from within our soul, within our consciousness, we are left with this feeling that it is achievable. Many people have come before and they have all pointed the way to the next level of transcendence for humanity.  However, along the way for different purposes, people have distorted the truth that they pointed towards.  Some manipulate their words to gain power over man.  Some manipulate their words to gain money and possessions. History has traditionally been written by the winners and those who gained power and conquered over man.  


The winners throughout history have written the history in which they favored and suppressed any history or truth that was directly contradictory to the truth they wanted to portray. Truth in its pure truest form from those who pointed the way had been lost, but remnants of it remained through time.  Modern-day science and psychology have expanded on human behavior and when combined with what transcendence really could be when put with the remnants of truth that still shimmered through the past, through the world’s religions, as well as combining some truth spoken by wise people throughout the years only remembered for their one quote the one thing they contributed to this truth of human existence.


Even now in this modern age, humans seem to be trapped in a loop of human behavior.  For example, they wage wars for power, money and resources to conquer over people and in doing so, creating a power for someone else to seize power and everything that comes with it. Churches, synagogues, temples and the people that run them battle each other.  They are all fighting each other for their version of the absolute truth, neglecting their overall society, in order to keep the argument going. Loving and non-loving powerful people commit crimes against humanity. claiming their enemy was more evil than themselves, while neglecting to recognize their own evil. 


So I offer two truths I have found. Together they offer the next level of humanity.  The next level of human existence, and the next level of transcendence in the spiritual realm, but caution I give to you.  Humanity has traditionally worshiped the finger that pointed the way instead of walking the path that they were directed towards, and in doing so, truth was lost to the point that only remnants of it still remained.  May you find some truth here, some answers here, some level of transcendence that can help calm your need for it in this life, within this Burning Transcendent Faith.


Religion is traditionally regarded by the common people as true, and by the rulers as useful, in order to gain power and control over the people.  It shall be the responsibility of the elders that make up the governing body of this Burning Transcendent Faith to ensure any changes or translations do not pave the way for such abuse of the faith or the people.  The church shall follow these guidelines in developing new translations or adding new material.  When translating from one language to another, the focus should be on maintaining the meaning of each principal or lesson contained herein; the church will not focus on translating each individual word accurately if the general principle or message will be fundamentally changed in such a way to take on a new meaning or promote a different idea than the original text. 


Translations and new materials cannot allow for contradictory statements or principles or beliefs. If the translation or the new material creates such a problem, the church shall not adopt the new principal or lesson.  In the case of translations, the church shall not adopt a translated principle or statement or lesson contained within this holy book if it allows for contradiction of principles or lessons, and shall continue to find a way to betray the same meaning and/or purpose that lies within each part. The church shall not adopt Policies And or principles or lessons that violate these principles.


The first principle of a religious teaching or spiritual practice that is truly divine and holy in nature is that it does not contradict itself, and no two teachings and or principles in the same belief structure contradict each other.

The second principle of a religious teaching or spiritual practice that is truly divine and holy in nature is that it does not promote, directly or indirectly,  what it condemns.

The third principle of a religious teaching or spiritual practice that is truly divine and holy in nature is that it does not promote hate or discrimination, or promote one person or persons as being more valuable or more important than another.

The fourth principle of a religious teaching or spiritual practice that is truly divine and holy in nature is that it does not promote violence in ways that are inhumane and unjust, therefore only allowing for Violence to protect oneself or loved ones from harm, or to stop genocide or crimes against humanity.


Below is a compiling from authors throughout time to now. About 90% of the Gospel of the Wisdom of Jji is original work By Jji.

On Love

On Marriage

On Children

On Giving

On Eating and Drinking

On Work

On Joy & Passion

On Sorrow

On Houses

On Clothes

On Buying & Selling

On Crime & Punishment

On Laws & Government

On Freedom

On Reason

On Pain & Suffering

On Self-Knowledge

On Teaching

On following

On Friendship

On Forgiveness

On Talking

On Time

On Good

On Evil

On Prayer

On Pleasure

On Beauty

On Religion

On Enlightenment

On Life

On Death

On Sentient Energy

On Spiritual holidays & Other Annual Celebrations

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