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On Love

I see you.  You see me.  We see each other.  Do you really understand what these mean?  Most humans on earth believe they know what these three little sentences mean, but in reality the vast majority of society can barely even begin to comprehend the full truth and reality of these three simple sentences.  The vast majority of humans, when they physically see someone, believe that they have seen them, but true sight is far more than just physical sight. 


I have studied the vast majority of religions ever documented to exist in great detail, and I have found that so many things are linked to this very one thing. When you see someone you don’t bother to look closer, to look with full sight, at another human being, especially those who are not friends or family or acquaintances.  Wars are started over this.  We are us.  They are them. They don’t know us.  We don’t know them.  They don’t believe the same things we believe.  So we are justified in conquering them.  These are the thought patterns of humanity, we are us.  We are good.  They are them. They are foreign.  They are evil.  They are bad.  These are the ways humans justify wars, justify stealing, justify murder, because humans have never been taught how to see another human being with full sight. 


If you saw someone with full sight, these justifications and mental processes would not be possible. What do I mean when I talk about full sight? It means to see them as human, of course, but also to see them as a thing in the universe of things, the same as any other matter in all of the galaxies and universes out there, but to also see them as a living thing equal to all life on earth, from the smallest microscopic life that exists, to the trees, to all other mammals and insects - equal to even the many different types of life in the oceans discovered and undiscovered.


Simply to be alive is also to see them in the same way you see yourself or you see your family or friends.  When you see someone, imagine them as a group of matter in the universe.  Then imagine them as a living being equal to everything. Then also imagine them as human and what it means to be human.  Imagine that this person is a father or mother.  This person is also someone’s son or daughter.  Think of the emotions that come with those relationships.  The meaning of those relationships.  Those relationships of human life are equal to your own experiences. 


Now let’s imagine when you physically see this person.  Think of all the happiness you’ve ever felt. The person you are seeing has also felt very similar feelings of happiness.  Now let’s imagine all of the sadness you have ever experienced. The person you are seeing also has had similar experiences of all of that sadness.  Now let’s imagine and feel all of the anger and rage you have ever felt.  This person has felt those things too in his or her own way. He or she has dreams of accomplishing things, of being loved or loving another in all the same ways that you do.  And even if you don’t know their name, you’ve never talked to them, even if they speak a different language than you, all of these things about being human, are the same for them. 


They want to protect and love their family and friends the same you want to protect your family and friends.  They want to provide for their own needs and the needs of their friends and family the same as you want to provide for your friends and family and your own needs.  When you see another human, can you see all of these things? From being matter, to being life, to being all of the parts and emotions of what it is to be human?


You should strive to see all of these things every time you physically or mentally see another person.  When you start to really see these things simply by just physically seeing someone pass by you, it is not so easy to see them as them and us, or them and me.  Suddenly, no matter how foreign the person or people, no matter how far away they live, or the language they speak, or the clothes they wear, all you can see at this point of seeing another human being is love, their kindness, their struggles and now suddenly it is us.  Now it is we and us, and we exist simultaneously. Now I see you.  You see me.  We see each other.  That is what it means to truly see someone. Put yourself in their shoes, their life and their existence. 


How do I get myself to see someone in all of this complexity?  In the instant you see them, you allow yourself to feel everything that I’ve talked about from their side.  Imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, in all of these things that I’ve talked about. Get yourself to feel the emotions that come with those thoughts and you will find that the more you do it, even if you only do it once or twice a day, or once or twice a year, the more that you practice seeing someone this way, the easier it becomes to see, to truly see another human being.  This is the most important of all principles to teach others because it is a principle that, up until now, has never truly been taught.


So when you truly see me and speak to me at the same time tell me, “I truly see you with true sight.”  You will know when you have mastered the skill.  In the moment you have mastered the skill, you will be able to look upon a stranger who you have never spoken to, and at first glance looks like he or she has nothing in common with you, and you will be able to truly see them in such a way that you will be able to love them instantly equal to the strongest love you have ever experienced, or could possibly experience for another human being, while simultaneously fearing them for selfish, evil and hateful things they are capable of doing. Equally and together simultaneously in that moment, you will be capable of truly seeing them and to truly love them for all that they are and all that they are capable of. Jji


To live without loving is to be dying. Jji


We can only do great things with great love. Jji


Hatred will cause the mind to become evil and you should avoid hatred and instead you should embrace love in order to prevent needless suffering. Jji (on love / on evil / on pain and suffering)

Let your love grow stronger than a nuclear core let your compassion and caring for humanity and all life grow stronger than the sun. Until your life is no longer your own and your guiding force is to help humanity move forward. But when your life no longer is your own caution I give to you don’t seek to tell other people how they should or should not live or make decisions for themselves. Each person must choose their own path and you should not be a dictator or a tyrant to anyone instead try to be a guiding force that is loving, kind and humane. Jji

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