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Holy is the primary point of reference of the religious and spiritual beliefs of the Burning Transcendent Faith.  It is a compiling of beliefs and philosophy from religious and non-religious teachers and philosophers around the world. This work also draws on spiritual teachings throughout documented history and also includes the principles of Burning man. Holy was originally compiled together for us in one book by Jji Holy is unlike any other religious book for spiritual teachings and spiritual guidance not only does it draw from the wisdom of the past but it also allows for new wisdom to be added. Any person can add to holy as long as the new content meets certain requirements in order to make sure that Holy continues to be consistent. Based on the concept that somebody can see further then all those that came before if they stand on the shoulders of the wise men and women who came before them

Our community works together to build a sacred wooden Temple in which the community is invited to come and lay to rest anything they wish to leave behind in their physical or spiritual existence and continue the holy practice of leaving the ashes of loved ones, human or animal within the Temple, along with written or non-written things that represent what is the individual is leaving behind in which all shall be burned, including the Temple the burning of the Temple in complete silence shall mark the end of the sacred gathering in which we have celebrated life art, music, spirituality and community


Spirituality and Community

The Process and Intention of bringing a Temple to Black Rock City

By John Mosbaugh


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